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With praise and blessings to the Most High, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the G-d of Israel.

Official homepage for worldwide Bnei Menashe  that promotes Judaism and provides daily Torah lectures and Jewish insights, community and worldwide news and much more besides..

Baruch Habba..Welcome to our community's OFFICIAL website. It is under the management of the Moechet Menashe, Bnei Menashe Council,  a registered non-profit organisation.

The Moechet Menashe is the only functional body of the Bnei Menashe in Israel and India under the guidance of, Rabbi SHlomo Gangte Shlit"a, Rav Kehillat Bnei Menashe, HaRav Eliyahu Avichail Shlit"a, the Chief Advisor and Father of the Bnei Menashe, The Chief Rabbinate, Israel and other prominent Rabbinical and political figures. 

Browse our site and explore the wonderful photo galleries of events, some herart-rending, some humorous while some others are simply amazing, weird and absurd and send us your own articles and photos, to add another smile to someone far from you !

Check our front-page Daily Calendar, TIMINGS for sunrise, Kriat Shema, Khatzot, Minkha g'dola, Skiyah-sunset and follow the daily Daf haYomi. Enjoy the updated NEWS from INSRAEL.

 Read our articles, anecdotes, news and views and please give your comment . Please feel free to write and enquire our development.  We welome constructive criticism and we welcome all questions.

 We assure you fair and honest reporting, "Torah without politics" guidance and response to all your queries. Check out our Events and Torah Insight and enjoy our videos !

 Torah Study, Concentrated Worship and Act of loving kindness, is our main goal:

Torah Study: We encourage your participation in fulfilling our Torah obligation in fixing appointed Torah study time -Kiviyut leTorah. PLease let us know if you can study  for "Le-ilui nishmat of..." If you want us to study for you, or family members, or any loved ones for health, progress, success  or Le'ilui Nishmah,  you can send the name  and son/daughter of... with the purposed blessings and duration of study and please mention if you have any mesechtot in particular, and we will be happy to remember  pray and study.

Concentrated worship: is the service of the heart and the service demanded by the Creator. We encourage all our readers to pray three times a day, in place of the Three daily sacrifice in the Temple; with awe and trembling before the KIng of Kings, the Creator, whose kindness and loving guidance make us still alive to bow before His Glorious throne, and plead for our supplications for health and blessings. 

We receive request for prayers. Please write in detail the name and mother's name and please mention for  health/success/le'ilui nishmah etc. 

Act of loving kindness: The best way to say we care is to act lovingly and kindly and helping them with no ulterior motive. Please let us know if you need our help. We will try our best to be of help to you.

If your dream is to join Am Israel, to be converted, and to ascend to The Land flowing with milk and honey, to come under the wing of the Shechinah, send your bio-data and we will try our best to help you. 

We are a Torah-observant organisation and our goal is to make  every effort in building the land of Israel and to make a bridge between the diaspora Jews and Israel. To help them prepare for eventual aliyah and support them when they come to our homeland. We strive to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah: "To be a Light unto the nations". Thank you for supporting us.

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